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About ClixSense

ClixSense was launched February 2007. ClixSense provides one of the most top earning potentials for a online PTC - Paid To Click site. The look of ClixSense is layed out neat and in spite of the many options ClixSense has, it is one of the easiest PTC - Paid To Click site to use & Earn Money Online.

ClixSense is a top-notch PTC - Paid To Click website. It provides detailed information in every aspect of the site. Your up-line and your down-line will be visable. All information needed regarding ClixSense will be found browsing the site.

ClixSense Memberships
Guaranteed Ads Daily
ClixGrid Chances
Minimum Cashout
ClixGrid Timer
10 sec
5 sec
Pay per Click
$0.001 to $0.02
$0.001 to $0.02
Pay per Referral Click
$0.0001 to $0.002
$0.0001 to $0.004
Signup Commissions The total includes only earnings from PTC Clicks, Tasks and approved Offers - commissions, bonuses and prizes are not included.
$1.00 after referral earns a total of $10
$2 after referral earns a total of $5
Upgrade Commissions *
$2.00 per upgraded direct referral
$2.00 per upgraded direct referral + $1.00 per upgrade through 7 more tiers
Sales Commissions (Ad Credits and ClixGrid Purchases)
10% up to $1.00 per purchase limited at $100 per referral
10% up to $2.00 per purchase unlimited per referral
Tasks Commissions
5% per completed task
10% per completed task
Offers Commissions
5% per completed offer
10% per completed offer
Daily Checklist Bonus
up to 7%
up to 16%
Membership Cost
$17.00 per Year

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